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The development potential China vending machine industry giant
Posted on:2014/4/28 15:00:29

   The vending machine is called "never work the super salesman". 70's of last century, in the high-tech products in Japan and Europe and the United Statesdeveloped, the retail has appeared in 65 countries and regions in the world. In many domestic city's downtown area, people can often see the vending machine figure. Many people think, a new promising, also means that the market the hugepotential business opportunities. "". Then the vending machine Shuilai earnmoney?

Convenience: "mini shop" have everything that one expects to find

The most important in our daily lives is convenient. The vending machine first appeared in twentieth Century fifty or sixty in Western Europe, at that time in theAmerican metro, people can buy a piece of gum in the vending machine by 1 cents. Vending machines in Japan are affectionately known as the "mini store".

"Mini shop" sale of goods, has developed from the Coffee, cigarettes, drinkssome daily necessities, even newspapers, rice, stamps, postcards, battery, video tape can also automatically sell. Now, a vending machine in addition to theoutside, has entered the school, factory, hospital, office of the game, mahjong,theaters and other public places. According to statistics, as the world's largestvending machine market, Japan has 5600000 units, through the vending machines sell goods up to more than 6000 species, annual turnover of 7000000000000 112200000000 yen. Every year, only sales of drinks the equivalent of 159300000000 yuan, per capita, every 23 people have 1 vendingmachine, the average person in the vending machine consumption amounted to 56000 yen.

In China, for people living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other cities of the speaking, is no stranger to vending machines. In 1999, it began to enter the Chinese market. Now, at the airport, subway, shopping malls, parks and other places large passenger flow, it is not difficult to find the vending machine figure. Customers insert coins or banknotes of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, you can buy small commodities such as beverages, chewing gum and other easily. As an avant-garde retail, vending machines have been like chasing the fashionable young people welcome.

Awkward: initial encounter "man-made"

Although the new retail format has been generally welcomed, but the vending machine market domestic road also appeared a lot of twists and turns. "" man-made "is a vending machine the biggest mishap. Until now, a lot of new installedvending machines in the city, but also continue to spread machine is "hit" news reports." Shandong some operators responsible person very reluctantly told reporters.

The development of the industry is relatively slow, the reason is many sided.Among them, the biggest obstacle is China consumer vending machine reliability,ease in doubt. In addition, the vending machines sell goods is relatively simple,the price is generally higher than the supermarkets, convenience stores and similar products, the machine can only receive coins and small notes, also affects the choice of consumers.

It is understood, because of curiosity, after getting drunk, boring coin card, stolen goods, vending machines, the initial listing, in some city was almost "crowning calamity". Once a beverage samples to steal worth tens of dollars, the vending machine million in damage.

Central Party School professor of sociology Xie Zhiqiang said, vending machine is a symbol of the city developed degree, is also a test of the quality of people. At present, along with numerous technical "bottleneck" are one one break and the public understanding of the vending machine, a new way of consumption also gradually promotes the higher quality of civilization, development of the fate of vending machines are quietly changing.

Profit: not only sales so simple

The vending machine business income mainly includes three parts: sales,advertising revenue and material fee income. Advertising revenue refers to theoperators undertaking the advertising benefits, and material fee as asupermarket to suppliers charge entry fee. The data shows, if the advertising revenue, a material fees are counted, a 21 vending machines, the annual operation profit is 15000 yuan.

A vending machine Shanghai operators, the selection and operationcharacteristic, only 3 vending machine, average monthly turnover reached 75000 yuan, gross margin reached 36%.

The vending machine is a kind of obvious advantages, the rapid investmentreturn of maintenance equipment and convenient, has been more and moredevelopment aspirations of the people tasted the sweetness of the boss, and quickly to the primitive accumulation of capital.

In foreign countries and Hongkong, many people put the vending machine as a second occupation, which does not affect the work, but also the stable increase of income, get two in one fell swoop. In foreign countries, there is a middle school student, save parents to his pocket money to buy two vending machine, until hegraduated from University, is with a more than 30 vending machine network boss.

For those units not of good workers, salesmen and laid-off workers, one of thevending machine is the best choice, stable and reliable income from now to the future are visible, tangible. Some people with vision has been one step ahead,quietly made a lot of advertising and wholesale and retail fees.


King of money: invite operators were cut "cake"

In foreign countries, there are many special operators for retail market development of vending machines, and gain profit through advertising, retail,occupying fee, many manufacturing enterprises can only production equipmentdevelopment, do not have to worry about the development of the retail market.

The vending machine and other industries do not, at present, as the only belong to the import market, almost no competition, the hole looked, almost everywhere are unused to the domestic market.

According to the analysis, as a new retail industry, vending machine operating costs mainly by the depreciation of machinery, venue rental, procurement of goods and delivery costs, including labor, management costs, and the vending machine's ability to operate successfully, mainly with the income level, population structure, consumption habits, the government the relevant policies and regulations and support factors. Generally speaking, the higher the income level,the greater the proportion of floating population, more and more young people toaccept new things and like fashion consumption in the city and district, the vending machine sales of more.

At present, the vending machine Chinese has about 100000 units, compared with 1300000000 of the population in the country, this number is not worth mentioning. In Japan, the average every 25 people have a vending machine,American per 50-60 people a, Europe is each person a 50120. In some countries, the vending machine sales accounted for the national retail six into above, and to increase the speed of 10% annually.

According to the forecast, the next few years, China market will increase 5 -100000 vending machine coastal city each year, 350000000 people will often use a vending machine, has huge market potential.

Concerned expert points out, the vending machine has the advantages of high technical content, way to sell new, great market potential, commodity genuine goods at a fair price, determines its broad development prospects. Moreover, it isconnected with the electronic shopping and other new forms of consumption, cancreate tremendous business opportunities.

Along with the strengthening of the vending machine technology matures,consumer understanding, China vending machine market will grow increasinglymature, especially the international well-known beverage companies such asCoca-Cola, Pepsi Cola participation will greatly promote the vending machinemarket variables and development.

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