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The vending machine industry leading enterprises reached a strategic cooperation agreement:
Posted on:2014/4/28 17:54:39

 During the period of 2013 "China vending machine exhibition" exhibition, leadingenterprises Beijing Taihe Ruitong, Beijing star of Yinhai, south of Shenzhen,Suzhou, Shanghai gold one meter source 5 vending machine industry gathered in Shanghai, the intention to reach the company strategic cooperation.

The 5 companies are the main enterprises China vending machine operationindustry, has more than 10 years of operating experience, the total operatingvending machine more than 25000 Taiwan, the annual turnover of total more than 1000000000 yuan, occupy more than 50% of the city Chinese vendingmachine industry market share.

The parties through active discussions and careful evaluation, decided topromote the formation of joint ventures, and in business development, service,information construction to promote all-round cooperation.

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